Midcentury Subtropical Modern House in the Grove With a Tower Wants $3 Million




Built in 1959, this subtropical modern Coconut Grove house at 3571 N Prospect Drive was renovated by a “world renowned” architect in 2008, according to the real estate listing. I wrote about it back in 2018 on the Big Bubble, and have a hunch I also might have done a write-up on Curbed Miami back in the day, although I can’t find that old piece. Either way, it’s a treat.

The house was for sale back then for $3.29 million, and apparently hasn’t made a move since. Records don’t say it was sold, so maybe the owners just decided to keep it. The original architect could likely have been Alfred Browning Parker or Kenneth Treister or one of the other avant garde subtropical modern architects working in Miami at that time.

As for whoever did the 2008 do up, well, I feel like I saw it in Max Strang’s monograph when I wrote about it on this site, but I’ll double check to be sure. Whoever it was took an already spectacular midcentury house, designed around an indoor-outdoor subtropical lifestyle, and tastefully updated it in a very satisfying way, while still adding their bold touch. Case in point is the white circular staircase in the living room.

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