Despite Still Being Fabulous, Ximena Caminos’ Former Miami Beach House is On The Market For $7.9 Million




Ximena Caminos, one of the creative masterminds of the Faena Hotel, and ex-wife of hotel owner Alan Faena, restored this pink Miami Beach house, making it her home base at the time. Buying it in 2016 for $4 million, she renovated it, adding her decadent, fabulous taste, relisting it in 2019, and finally selling it in 2021 for $5.7 million, after it spent years hopping on and off the market. Apparently, and luckily for us, it seems the new owners bought much of the furniture in the sale, and hardly changed any of the interiors.

But maybe it was a bit of a pandemic indulgence, because they threw it back on the market earlier this year, first for $8.5 million, then after almost selling it at that price, adjusting it down a bit to $7.9 million, which is where it now stands. Back in 2019, listings showed the 6,828 square foot pink palace had 7 bedrooms, although now they show 9, with the real number probably still being 7, because, you know, sometimes odd extra rooms are counted as bedrooms for the sake of the listing. It has 9 baths, an elaborate swimming pool with fountains and built-in chaise longues, a poolside loggia with mirrored glass tiles, a lushly landscaped pergola with couch swings, and a dining room painted with fantastic wall murals in turquoise. 

Check out a post by the Big Bubble for the 2019 listing, with the full Ximena Caminos treatment, here.

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  1. Too bad she took a Mediterranean masterpiece and completely destroyed it! I guess the only taste is in her mouth. If that! Pink, really?


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