Curvy White Palazzo Full of Italian Furniture Opens in the Miami Design District




A three-storied, white arched palazzo in Miami’s Design District is the new flagship showroom for the Italian furniture parent company of the Fendi Casa, Bentley Home, and Trussardi Casa brands, the Luxury Living Group. The company threw a lavish opening party on Thursday, having been rescheduled in the wake of Hurricane Irma. Highlights included two printed invitations sent out to each guest—one for the original event in September the weekend of Irma, and another to announce the new date—at least three bars, a great Italian folk band, and a high server to guest ratio.

A company that prides itself on designing furniture based on already established luxury brands, Luxury Living is anything but modest, and the store, which they call ‘The Palace,’ follows suit. With 32,000 square feet on three stories, a rooftop deck, and a grand spiral staircase, this is Luxury Living’s largest United States showroom to date. Broad white stucco archways over glassy window displays are a slightly softer twist on the glass box look so prevalent in Miami residential architecture these days. Designed by architect Michael Maltzan, based out of L.A.—another glass box city—this is how a press release described it:

“[The showroom] features exteriors based on a composition of curved, harmonious lines, emphasized by the optical white of the surfaces and the large expanses of glass; a modern style that creates an aesthetic connection between structure, materials and furnishings through the game of lights, contrasts and perspectives.”

The showroom incorporates areas featuring each of the Luxury Living Group’s furniture collections as well as the Luxury Living USA corporate offices.

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