Will A New Development Preserve Brickell’s Flatiron Park?




A few days after the Big Bubble covered the sale of Flatiron Park, from the developers of the Brickell Flatiron tower behind it to a new, and as yet undisclosed, contingent of investors, the Miami Herald posted their coverage of the sale. In that Herald article, the Big Bubble’s concern that the park could be fully developed over, turning what is one of Brickell’s few green spaces into a retail development, seems like it may be answered.

The Herald article says that “Keeping the surrounding Raymond Jungles-designed landscaping, the tenant would demolish the existing building and construct a new standalone location,” according to Fabio Faerman, one of the brokers representing the investors. Faerman also provided the Herald with a graphic, showing the subject property, which will be known as the Hub at Brickell (although a name in keeping with the “Flatiron” motif would have been more appropriate, but we digress), clearly delineated from the rest of the triangle, with the park. Is this evidence that the park could be preserved? Yes. Is it proof? No. Does the park seem to be slowly shrinking as development creeps in? Well, yes, but at least there’s a slightly clearer picture of what the future might hold. Thoughts?

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  1. I was in the Jungles office when it was being designed. It was always meant to be temporary. I think that was part of the agreement when built. It should be permanent though. Brickell needs as much public space as it can get. Do it Miami.


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