The 4th Most Expensive Hotel Suite in the World is the Lavish Penthouse at Faena




Here’s a little tidbit that’s absolutely over-the-top. Elite Traveler recently ranked the top hotel suites around the world by various metrics, like price, size, views, yada, yada, yada, and one suite in Miami Beach came out near the top for… you guessed it… just how obscenely expensive it is to spend a night there.

The Penthouse Suite at the Faena Hotel Miami Beach goes for a whopping $50,000 a night, making it the 4th most expensive hotel suite in the world. The suite is two floors, with living rooms on both levels. It comes with five bedrooms, each with a private balcony, a kitchen, a huge outdoor terrace, and a butler. Art Deco furnishings and art grace the whole place, and a flamboyant chandelier is suspended over the dining table.

Right now, the hotel’s website has the suite listed for $31,500, but this the middle summer, so prices are bound to be a bit lower.


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