One of Miami’s First Shipping Container Houses, Located in The Wynwood Yard, is For Sale




A prototype shipping container house that is currently on display in the Wynwood Yard and is arguably the first shipping container house in Miami-Dade County, is on the market for $250,000.

Constructed by Wyn-Box, a company that specializes in pre-fab buildings made out of shipping containers, the 640 square foot house is made of two standard containers. It has a large living room and a bedroom and has been fitted out with large insulated and impact resistant windows. The galley style kitchen, and compact bath feature luxury finishes, and an exterior deck is shaded by a wide, louvered awning.

The builders of another house, made of three containers and located outside Miami Shores, are claiming that their house is the first shipping container house in Miami-Dade County. They could technically be right, considering Wyn-Box originally constructed their house at Wynwood Yard to be a prototype showhouse to market their company. For the last year or so it has served as a showroom and hasn’t been lived in. Still, the Wyn-Box was (probably) built first.

The new owner will have to relocate it to a new piece of property. Right now it is directly facing the main stage at the Wynwood Yard. The listing agents are the Toomey Team of Keller Williams Realty.

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  2. Sean, The Miami Association of Realtors has been working on a shipping container house in South Miami for months. The issue is zoning, minimum size lots and setbacks allowed in the different cities. I think this will be an incredible move for the Tiny-house movement.

    • Those issues can be easily navigated using licensed architects familiar with both the Miami Code and getting shipping container structures approved through the Building Department – as Wyn-Box did. Setbacks and lot sizes are universal requirements not unique to shipping containers. In most locations in Miami, zoning should not be an issue as it pertains to containers specifically.


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