Multifamily House Off Lincoln Road With Loft-Like Owner’s Suite Relists With Big Discount & Less Flair




A unique single-family-house-cum-industrial-loft-esque listing in South Beach, just off Lincoln Road, which has bounced on and off the market since 2017, with successively lower and lower prices, is back, this time asking $2,250,000. That’s only $250,000 more than the owner paid for the place, way back in 2013.

The building is topped by a really fabulous owner’s suite, with ceilings sporting exposed trusses and open bookshelves lining the bedroom walls in a way that still feels airy and open and not libraryish at all. The other units, which one assumes one would rent out, are mostly blank boxes with baseboards. Sadly, the owner’s suite appears to have lost the exotic furnishings and native art that made it look like Adventureland at Disney World, if Adventureland were supremely chic. Unfortunately, they’ve let the backyard go a bit too.

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