Morningside’s Midcentury Jetsons House is Back on the Market




The elevated house in Morningside known by neighbors as the ‘Jetsons House’ because of its retro-futuristic appearance is back on the market, listed for $1.875 million, two years after the house sold for $1.5 million. Located at 5261 NE 5th Avenue, it’s looking good, having been cleaned out and spruced up a little, showing off lots of original details by architect Rufus Nims from its construction in 1949.

The original kitchen and at least one of the original bathrooms are still intact. The sunny, glassy living spaces are divided by wood-paneled walls, and the interior sides of floating exterior walls contain intriguing built in cabinetry. A sweeping staircase leads to the main floor from the car port. The owners had planned to give it an extensive and spectacular restoration/renovation and, although they apparently changed their minds and listed it instead, you can see just how great that would have been from a model of the design. Those pre-approved renovation plans are also available.

All photos via broker Geane Brito/Chariff Realty Group.

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