Midcentury Morningside Ranch Restored by Architect Rene Gonzalez is $998K




This ranch-style house, built in 1949, was extensively restored and renovated by Rene Gonzalez, one of Miami’s most acclaimed architects, first as his personal home and then his architecture office. The house has spectacular details, like the ceiling lights above the entryway, and restored original walnut cabinets rescued from the legendary Palm Bay Club.

I first wrote about the house on Curbed Miami in 2015 when I went for a visit. (unfortunately the Curbed archive post is missing most of its images) The house was a gem then and is a gem now. Here’s what I wrote:

Rene Gonzalez’s home office got so big he had to move out. The Miami architect actually now lives in an apartment in South Beach’s art deco district and is in the process of building himself another home. Meanwhile, discreetly hidden on a residential street, Gonzales’s small but beautiful Morningside house bursts with life, becoming a jewel box of a design studio. He gave Curbed Miami a look around.

Now completely taken over by his booming architectural practice, every inch of the midcentury ranch-style house is meticulously designed to the hilt and accounted for, out of a necessity to maximize the usability of the space. Surfaces are methodically covered with models, architectural samples, books, and tchotchkes, while architects, designers, and staff sit at desks in the bedrooms. The living room, which looks out onto a black-bottomed pool, is also the conference room. Strategically placed mirror walls make the interior feel larger, and vintage and contemporary furniture is mixed with contemporary art.

Located at 670 NE 50th Terrace, Rene has been trying to sell the house for a few years, and in that time has reduced the ask from $1.25 million to $998k. He’s also moved his office to a much larger space called the Miami Armory, which is just as intriguing as it sounds.

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