Miami’s Dream South Beach Hotel Has a Guy Whose Job is to Make Sure Guests Have the Right Floaties




In a fun and silly example of Miami’s decadent tourist culture, the Dream South Beach Hotel, destination for the vacationing party crowd, has hired a “Chief Float Officer,” whose job is to set people up with floaties at the rooftop pool.

Okay he does a little more than that. The CFO is more like a mashup between a pool manager, a maitre d’, and a Instagram picture taker all in one. According to a publicist, this is what the guy (the position is currently held by a guy named Justin Witherspoon) does:

Promote positivity and radiate sunshine (you are in the sunshine state after all)

Manage the pool area and ensure the entire Dream South Beach pool staff provide each guest with professional, friendly and engaging service

Ensure guests are aware of all the services available at the pool including the array of available pool floats including an Angel Wings tube, a Glitter Noodle, a Holographic Tube, a Unicorn Tube, a Pineapple lounger and Donut Tube.

Coordinate the best matching drink (from the rooftop High Bar) and backdrop for the ideal float-filled instagram

Take the dreamiest Instagram photos in Miami

Basically, if there was a job designed for getting babes, this would be it.

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