Miami Urban Design Firm Creates a Portable Parklet for Park(ing) Day 2018




Park(ing) Day, the annual event when urban activists around the world turn parking spaces into public parklets, is almost upon us. This year, Park(ing) Day is on September 21. In previous years, Park(ing) Day has been pretty successful in South Florida, but last year, Park(ing) Day happened to land immediately in the wake of Hurricane Irma. So, it will be interesting to see how many urban parklets are created this year.

PlusUrbia, the Miami-based urban design firm headed by Juan Mullerat, is creating a movable parklet for parking day this year, by putting it onto a flatbed trailer. This way, instead of creating a temporary parklet that will be gone the next day, the project, called the ‘Tropical Trailer Park,’ will move to various sites around Miami as needed. ‘The Tropical Trailer Park’ idea was a Miami Foundation Public Space Challenge 2016 winner. Currently under construction, the parklet will debut on Park(ing) Day this year at the corner of NE 3rd Avenue and NE 1st Street in Downtown Miami. “Miami’s lack of open space has an adverse effect on our health and livability. Our studio decided to build a parklet that provides a mobile solution to enhance our streets – a park on wheels – as a gift to our city.” said Mullerat.


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