Elegant South Grove Courtyard House Makes a Statement for $4 Million




In this real estate market, prices keep rising and rising to a point where it’s almost embarrassing to write about a property when in the back of your mind you keep thinking “you get THAT for THAT???” This is not one of those houses. Compared to some of the hovels on offer in Miami Beach for literally the exact same price, this rather stately and elegant home in South Coconut Grove doesn’t feel like its price, a cool $4 million, is extravagantly out of step with what’s on offer.

Located at 4191 S Lybyer Ave, the pronunciation of which your guess is as good as mine, the house was built in 1996 but looks much older, and has six bedrooms spread over a comfortable 4,222 square feet. Its biggest selling point, however, is a gigantic pool located behind a large privacy wall. The architect has pushed the residence to the rear of the property, merging front and back yards, and given the house two levels of elegant loggias. The home has a vaulted, double-height living room, oak wood floors, mahogany doors, bronze fixtures, and a detached guest house with its own entrance. It was listed for sale in March, and well, let’s see how it does, shall we?

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