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Co-living, that new trend that’s kind of like living in a WeWork, or a really fancy college dorm, is coming to Miami. Today, the co-living chain The Collective, which has locations in London and New York, just announced their next new outpost, in Wynwood. Many details, including the design, the groundbreaking date, and how tall the place will be (from 8 to 12 stories) appear to still be in the works, however.

Check out the press release, below:

MIAMI, FL. – JUNE 21, 2019 – Global co-living pioneer The Collective today reveals plans for its first co-living project in Miami, located at 2825 NW 2nd Avenue in Wynwood – a neighborhood known for its creative energy and street art scene.

This acquisition marks the company’s fifth in the U.S in the past 12 months, with three sites under its belt in New York City, and a recent announcement that it had secured permits in Chicago for a 170,000 sq. ft. ground-up co-living project in The Chicago Loop.

The Collective’s Wynwood project has a gross development value of $210M and will be set out over 8-12 stories. The programming will be focused on arts and maker culture, providing a home for rising talent in the neighborhood, and the creative’s lifestyle. The space will cater to the spirited and culturally diverse neighborhood of Wynwood, with unique nightlife experiences designed into the building’s program.

The project will include a street-level gallery, concept dining and pop-up retail space, and much more to be announced at a later date. The Collective will deliver cutting-edge smart building technologies, state of the art urban landscaping, and a highly energy-efficient building, setting the standard for the co-living sector in Miami and globally.

The Collective’s founder and CEO Reza Merchant, said: “As the world continues to become more mobile and global, we believe that people will gravitate towards areas that are accessible, have a high quality of life, and are culturally diverse and inspiring. Therefore, Wynwood really is a no brainer for us and we see so much potential for growth in the area. We’re super excited and incredibly grateful for the opportunity to add to the existing cultural diversity by building and activating a space for open-minded and curious people to connect to themselves, with others and ultimately achieve their full potential”

The Collective builds and activates spaces that foster human connection and enable people to lead more fulfilling lives. Each of its locations are designed and developed in tandem with proactive community outreach. The result is co-created spaces whose very form and program are the product of relationships forged, insights learned, and desires understood over the course of time.

The Collective’s Miami project will be taken forward in partnership with Tony Cho, a real estate visionary and Florida native. Cho is the Founder of Metro1, Wynwood Gateway Companies, and Miami’s forward-thinking Magic City Innovation District.

Cho added: “I spent years traveling the globe in search of the best possible candidate for this important gateway site and I strongly believe that The Collective is the perfect match. They are not your average real estate developer, but true leaders in the co-living space with a vision for a new wave of art, nightlife, culture and sustainability in Wynwood. Wynwood has always been about innovation and creativity and that’s precisely why I felt The Collective would be a great fit. By partnering with Reza and his team, I feel we have found a kindred spirit who shares our ambition to lead with heart, and create new, productive models of urbanization.”

The Collective’s growing, global network of co-living buildings combines thoughtfully designed private space with spacious, one-of-a-kind communal amenities. By creating space efficiencies in the private abode, The Collective creates a surplus of space for unique shared amenities and experiences. To date, The Collective has raised more than $800 million to fund its growth across the U.S., U.K and continental Europe, bringing to life its vision for making co-living an option to people all over the world.

In July 2019, The Collective will open the doors to its largest co-living building yet, The Collective Canary Wharf (705 members) located in London, England.
advocate for its advancement, Cho is truly aligned with The Collective’s vision. He will stay on as a partner in the project and play a key role in the development, focusing on tenant curation,
sustainability and community.

About The Collective

The Collective is a growing, global network of co-living locations that combine thoughtfully designed private space with spacious, one-of-a-kind communal amenities. We build and activate spaces that foster human connection and enable people to lead more fulfilling lives, with an aim to create a positive impact for each
As an early pioneer of Wynwood and
neighborhood we join.

Founded in London in 2010 by CEO Reza Merchant, The Collective has grown from offering small house shares to owning and operating the world’s largest co-living community, with over 8,000 units operating or under development. The 200-strong team is headquartered across New York, London and Berlin has raised more
than $800 million to fund growth across the U.S., U.K and continental Europe.
The Collective takes an integrated approach to design and development to ensure a laser focus on the personal and professional growth of each of our members. We are the creative drivers and long-term operators of the programs and services our community experiences each day, all of which aspire to a new, inspiring paradigm of flexibility and convenience, and a new universal standard of home.

Photo is interior of another location of The Collective.

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