Classic Tudor Listed For $2 Million in Miami Was Given That Generic White Interior Look That’s So Popular These Days




Built in 1924, this historic Tudor Revival family home in Miami’s Shorecrest survived almost a hundred years of people moving in and out, neighborhood highs and neighborhood lows, renovations, new kitchens, changing tastes, and whatever the ’70s threw at it, always being the kind of house that everyone always says has “charm.” Designed to be an old English fantasy that you lived in, it would have had interiors that evoked ye old past just as seductively as its exteriors still do.

But now it doesn’t. It’s been tossed onto the real estate market, where the owners obviously hope to make a bundle, having purchased it for $632,000 in only 2015. It’s on the market now for $1,995,000. And to enhance the supposed sale appeal, they’ve ripped out the insides and replaced them with all the usual things you see everywhere these days. White walls galore? Yes. Farmhouse cabinets? Check! Subway tile? Check! A plain marble fireplace with a very clean look that most likely replaces something much cooler? Definitely! Knockoff midcentury furnishings? Yes! Butcher block countertops? Yah! Cheap Ikea closet cabinetry? Yep. Stainless steel appliances? Yes! Pendant lights with Edison bulbs? What else!?!

But let’s give credit where it’s due. There’s also a putting green.

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