Can The 12th Street Gay Beach Sustain Itself Without Palace?




Here’s a little something I’ve been wondering for a while…

The 12th Street gay beach is Miami’s main gay beach. Besides the north end of Haulover Nude Beach, it’s really Miami’s only gay beach. For years this beach has had a synergistic relationship with Palace Gay Bar, that iconic gay beach bar on 12th and Ocean Drive where guys go after the beach or before the beach, or whatever. One fed the other. Now that Palace has shuttered and is moving to an as-yet-unknown location, what will happen to the 12th Street Gay Beach? Can it survive on its own? Will it? If Palace moves to another location on Ocean Drive, will the beach follow? Who is the baby’s real father? We’ll find out after the break. But this isn’t a TV talk show, and the answer isn’t in a DNA paternity test. This is one of the last centers of gay culture in South Beach, and it’s in big jeopardy. So, thoughts?

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