Iconic Miami Architect Kenneth Treister’s Home is For Sale, Although it’s Changed a Bit




Kenneth Treister, one of Miami’s most iconic architects, helped define the subtropical modernist postwar look of many of Miami’s more jungly neighborhoods around Miami. The interior of the Golden Girls set, for example, is reminiscent of a design by Treister or his compatriot Alfred Browning Parker. The living room practically screamed “Kenneth Treister!”

This house, located at 3660 Battersea Road, was Treister’s home and studio, and was designed by him, and much of his original work remains, although a more recent renovation is like a punch in the gut to some of the interior spaces of the house. Check out lots of pictures of the house below.

Treister’s houses were often rich with wood and other natural materials, intricate architectural details, and the wonderful interplay of interior and exterior spaces. Just check out the pages of his latest book, “Gardens, Architecture & Art: The Humanistic Architecture of Kenneth Treister,” or the interiors of the Mayfair Hotel, in Downtown Coconut Grove.

Luckily, most of the exteriors seem to be intact. The 4,056 square foot house has 5 bedrooms and 6 baths, lush landscaping, restored mahogany entrance doors, marble floors, high ceilings in the living room, and the sunny rooftop studio with its vaulted ceiling and gorgeous roof deck. The house was listed for sale just last month for $2.25 million.

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