An Epically Colorful & Architecturally Seductive Gym Just Opened On Lincoln Road




A rather psychedelic new gym designed by one of Miami’s boldest young architects has just opened on Lincoln Road. Manuel Clavel Rojo of Clavel Arquitectos, perhaps best known locally for designing part of the surreal Museum Garage in the Design District (the section with the cars suspended off the side), has designed the brand-new Miami incarnation of Gymage, a Madrid-based gym and “lifestyle resort.”

Whatever a “lifestyle resort” gym is, it seems to be more about looking at yourself and how sexy you are, and how sexy everyone else is than it is about serious exercise. And that’s probably totally fine. A lot of people aren’t gym fans for just that reason. Serious exercise exhausts and annoys them. But exercising with selfie sticks? That’s fun, and you still get a workout too.

The 10,000 square foot gym’s PR materials talk about it being the place to become the “sexiest version” of yourself. Sure, the whole “sexy gym” thing has been done before, at David Barton, where their tagline was “Look better naked,” and at Equinox, but this seems more lighthearted and fun. After all, how much a part of going to the gym actually exercising, how much of it is a social experience, how much of it is a sexually-driven experience, and how much of it is an experience that’s based purely on how the gym markets itself? And gym architecture is most successful when it ties in closely with that. Just read a sample of how the gym’s marketing materials describe it:

Inspired by how a gym would be in 2030, Gymage paves the way for the future of social fitness. The tropical oasis is full of vibrant colors, including lights that illuminate the gym and plants that add greenery creating an environment full of life with natural zones. The aesthetically pleasing atmosphere gives Gymage an organic look with a futuristic touch. Gymage placed selfie sticks mounted on walls all over the gym, so get ready to pose in front of lighting inspired by top luxury retail stores that will make you look sexier than ever. Your workout selfies will serve the sexiest looks on Instagram and TikTok. Let your image speak!

Gymage plans on opening an attached rooftop restaurant and lounge by 2022. Check out photos inside the gym, below.

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