Florida Vernacular

108-Year-Old Palm Beach House With Spectacular Sun Room is on the Market for $28 Million

Even though Palm Beach is a bastion of old money and old-world wealth, its oldest buildings are barely over a hundred years in age, when Henry Flagler brought his railroad to the undeveloped barrier island and built the Royal Poinciana Hotel in 1894. But not long after that, this house was built.

1915 Cottage in South Coconut Grove Lists for $1.5 Million

Coronavirus may be raging over all our heads, but the world must go on in some way, and interesting properties are still coming on the market, including this adorable--and restored--historic cottage in South Coconut Grove, built in 1915. The wooden house at 4286 S Douglas Road hit the market yesterday, for $1.499 million.

116 Year Old Bungalow on the Upper East Side Lists for $850,000

Built circa 1903, this house in Miami's Upper East Side is a whopping 116 years old. By Miami standards, that's practically ancient. It's located in the vicinity of Lemon City, one of South Florida's settlements, which predates the founding of Miami itself. The brokerbabble also claims the house is on "Miami's oldest intact turn-of-the-century street," which is rather debatable.