Inside a $14.5M Italian-Designed Lanai Residence at Fisher Island’s Palazzo Della Luna

This lavish spread on Fisher Island, which has been completely done up by Italian designer Augusto Busnelli, is currently on the market for an impressive $14.5 million. The unit features an octagonal atrium entry, and an absolutely humungous terrace, called a Lanai. Yes, it's just like the Lanai on the Golden Girls, but huge, and it includes a full-size private swimming pool.

Do You Need Someone To House-Sit Your Place During the Quarantine? I Can Help!

Do you have a weekend place, an investment property you would normally be renting out on AirBnB, or even your primary home, somewhere in Miami-Dade or Broward Counties, which will likely be empty until this is all over? A small hotel isn't even out of the realm of possibility. Well, I'm looking for a place!