Tacky Little Hollywood, FL House Comes With A Hipster-ific Houseboat Out Back




Looking for a little house for your Granny that’s got space to tie up her speed boat out back while being conveniently close to the highway for those last-minute trips to the hospital, with an adjacent (but most importantly, separate) unit for yourself to use while in town? Have we got you covered?

One of the best parts of following real estate and browsing listings on sites like Zillow is imagining the lives of the people who live in such places. Case-in-point is the listing photos of the little house at 2646 E Sherman St, in Hollywood, just a few blocks off I-95. The house isn’t too much to speak of, except for having some horrendously tacky interior decor, but it does come with one particularly unique feature, a shipping container-sized houseboat out back. What’s kind of interesting is that the houseboat and the backyard have a coordinating look, which is much, much more tasteful and trendier than the main house itself. Why? Your guess is as good as anyones! Oh, and it’s on the market for $645K.

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  1. What a find indeed! As a real estate broker I see a lot of homes, but this place’s decor beats most of them. In contrast, the houseboat is very chill. Wonder how they got it permitted – a while ago a customer asked me if there was a market for houseboats in SoFla, and we found out that then practically no community would allow them.


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