Somebody’s Funky Tropical Fantasy, With Flexible Coral in the Pool, Lists for $3.85M




This over-the-top technicolor wonder has everything, or at least the current owners probably think it does. They’ve obviously poured a lot of love into the place, a certain amount of money into it, and whatever modicum of taste they have. Located on quite a nice lot in Lighthouse Point, with canals on two sides, the house is awash in color and full of kooky nicknacks. Want a fake fireplace with painted-on flames? Check! A turquoise, lavender, and pink wrap-around deck? They’ve got that too. Tacky sculptures of every imaginable kind? Don’t bother going to the flea market, because they’re all here.

Located at 2601 NE 36th St, in Lighthouse Point, the house was purchased in 2005 for $1.6 million and is now listed for $3.85 million, giving the owners a nice tidy profit, doubling their money in about sixteen years. That is, if they get what they’re asking for. And considering how many listings these days are sold for over asking price, that’s a very distinct possibility. Check out the photos, below.

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