Rather Grand Alfred Browning Parker-Designed House in Miami’s Southern ‘Burbs is Listed for $4 Million




Designed by Alfred Browning Parker, a subtropical modern architect who created some of the most interesting and creative buildings designed around the South Floridian climate, this house in Ponce-Davis has been extensively restored. Having just hit the market a few weeks ago, it’s listed for $3.997 million.

The house has undergone some significant changes since built by Parker in 1959. The current owners, who renovated and enlarged it, were generally very respectful to Parker’s design. And for the most part they were successful, with one big exception.

Looking at the finished product, many of the original rooms look immaculate. The house is sleek and rectilinear, with broad eves and low slung ceilings, taking advantage of the climate, the views, and the richness of the natural materials from which the house is built. The extensive woodwork glows. Original features, like a sliding screen closing off the kitching and breakfast room, and the vaulted living room ceiling, shine like new. They even did a good job with the kitchen cabinetry, countertops, and appliances, making sure the upgrades fit in seamlessly with what’s already there. The front door, however, with rust-colored arabesques and a goofy looking ‘organic’ motif, stands out like a sore thumb.

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  1. Beautiful restoration. The work of Parker is timeless. Unfortunately, the master bedroom ceiling and master bath as a whole are a disappointment. Maybe the designer of those two rooms was not told the context of where they were designing. Or, and I truly hope not, the designer knew these two rooms were in a Parker house and expressed his/her disdain for history and was only interested in their own self importance.


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