Notoriously Over-Gilded Hillsboro Beach Megamansion Sells for “Record Shattering” Undisclosed Price




After a weird five years of existence, the most gilded house in South Florida has finally sold. Formerly known as Le Palais Royal, a name that notched up the palatial factor ever higher, it appears to have been renamed Playa Vista Isle recently. Inspired by Versailles (obviously), it was designed by Miami-based architect Denio Madera.

Auctioned by Concierge Auctions, with listing agent ONE Sotheby’s International Realty, the sale price hasn’t yet been made public per Concierge Auctions’ company protocol but, according to a representative, it breaks the record for the highest residential sale price ever in Broward County and the record for the highest residential auction sale in the U.S.

Built in the early 2010s, it had previously been offered for sale for $139 million in 2014, briefly grabbing the record as the most expensive listing in the country. Then, some point later, it was listed at the even higher price of $159 million, this time with a neighboring, empty piece of land added on. According to the representative, the auction included “a bidding war among 11 buyers.”

The estate includes a whopping (approximately) 500 feet of private oceanfront beach and five acres of land, spans from the ocean to the Intracoastal Waterway, and includes two deepwater yacht docks.

Playa Vista Isle/Le Palais Royal has 11 bedrooms, 22 baths, 22-karat gold leaf gilding throughout (and when they say “throughout” they mean throughout. That stuff is everywhere). It has the world’s first private 3D-IMAX home theater, and a 20 car garage with secure tunnel access. There’s a 3,000 bottle wine cellar, with individually-controlled temperature and humidity secured by biometric access, and adjacent tasting rooms. The pool complex, which is a more accurate term than just ‘pool’ here, includes 13 water features, six waterfalls, and a jacuzzi perched 40 feet above the ocean. Oh, and there’s a putting green.

Just to the north is that empty oceanfront property which was attached a few years ago, that the original owner had planned to build a guesthouse and underground sports complex on, but apparently did not. It could be sold off, landscaped to create extensive gardens, or built on.

When the house was first built and listed for sale, even before its completion, people (including me) were incredulous at just how lavish and gilded it is, as well as the location. Hillsboro Beach in Broward County, although very nice, did not seem like the kind of neighborhood one would build a house of this enormity and price tag. It seemed overvalued for the land, and like a giant golden thing that had missed its target and washed up a little too far south of Palm Beach. In fact, why wasn’t Le Palais Royal in Palm Beach? Plopped on the market brand new in 2014, it made a bizarre spec property designed for someone with very, very particular tastes. Let’s hope it found that person now.

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  1. This is the PERFECT egomaniacal, gargantuan monstrosity that the clinically psychotic Traitor-in-Chief would build and then money launder, ooooops…. I mean “sell” to his Daddy Putin or the Crown Murderer of Saudi Arabia. They never stop. This bloody, writhing-in-beyond-delusionally-grandiose-excess, blinding nightmare of indescribable horror makes an 18th century Russian whorehouse, designed & decorated by the Madam and her Hookers themselves, look like a Taco Bell by comparison. I hope beyond hope that I NEVERRRRRRR meet anyone in my life that actually thinks this maniacal nightmare is actually beautiful.

    • Rather than recognizing a unique style of architecture, the unhappy Gregor above is ranting about Trump. The unit sold, that is all that needs to be said. Gregor should stick to knitting pink toilet seat covers.

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