FENDI's 2017 Furniture Ad Campaign is Set in Miami. Does it Do The Trick?




FENDI Casa, the furniture and interiors branch of the iconic Fendi Italian fashion house, is presenting their 2017 campaign in a sun-filled modernist living room with a Miami backdrop of palm trees, pools, and skyscrapers. The press release gushes about how fabulous everything is. But does the furniture live up to its setting, or is it just a little too minimal?

02_Fendi Casa Campaign 2017_Palmer Sofa design Toan Nguyen
Photo courtesy FENDI Casa
03_Fendi Casa Campaign 2017_Conrad Sofa
Photo courtesy FENDI Casa
04_Fendi Casa Campaign 2017_Conrad Sofa
Photo courtesy FENDI Casa

“Fendi Casa chooses the unique atmosphere of Miami for the new 2017campaign. The journey through the most exclusive international locations is enriched by a new chapter, defining the Fendi Casa interiors with an elegant and contemporary style.

“A warm setting enhanced by woods and stones, natural materials in a surprising contrast with the view of the city. A beautiful play between interiors and exteriors. The greenery and the sea are the perfect elements enhancing the beauty of furniture and complements, celebrating the FENDI aesthetic codes with a contemporary touch.

“The living area features the Artù armchair designed by Thierry Lemaire and the Velum floor lamp by the architect Marco Costanzi, creating the perfect set for the Palmer sofa designed by Toan Nguyen: an elegant mix of tailoring fabrics and fine leathers combined with an essential structure. The geometric lines of the Conrad sofa give life to the generous volumes of the seats and soft cushions.

“The colour palette is soft and sophisticated. Shades of light and dove grey meet pastel nuances of pink, sky blue and green, liting-up upholsteries and celebrating the FENDI daring creativity and experimentation in the use of precious materials.

“The new Fendi Casa 2017 campaign pays homage to the savoir-faire of FENDI in the beautiful City of Miami, celebrating the heritage of the Maison with a contemporary living.”

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