YotelPad Miami Introduces Robot ‘Butlers’ That Will Deliver Things to Your Yotel Room




The Yotel hotel chain is known for its amenities that combine futuristic technology with a certain amount of cuteness. YotelPad Miami, a combo hotel/residential Yotel under construction just introduced its own techy thing: three robot butlers, at least one of which is named Lulu.

Lulu, and the other two, as-yet-unnamed robots (one person connected with the project told the BB they would be Lulu 2 and Lulu 3 but a publicist said they are as yet unnamed) are 4-foot-high slightly goofy looking purple robots on wheels. Picture a set of plastic drawers—the kind that slide under your bed—shaped like R2D2. The Lulus will deliver things like extra towels to guest rooms, but they will also give directions, serve snacks, and even tell jokes. After holding a contest to name them, they were unveiled at a cocktail party at the YotelPad sales center last week.

The Lulus are built by Singapore-based Techmatics, according to the Miami Herald. Two of the robots will serve condo residents and one will serve hotel guests. The robots are fully autonomous, taking the elevators on their own and using digital mapping to travers the halls at about three miles an hour.

Located at 227 NE Second St. in Downtown Miami, residences at the 30-story project start at around $300,000 and owners are able to rent out their units short-term through Yotel’s in-house rental program or AirBnB. The micro-unit condominium/hotel will include 231 condos and 222 hotel rooms ranging in size from 425 to 700 square feet. That’s 700 square feet for a 2-bedroom unit. Construction is slated to finish in late 2020.

Amenities include a gym, bar, pet boutique, and a private rooftop space for residents. Other techie amenities include digital package delivery hubs, transit screens with real-time updates on Metromover and ride-share services, and self check-in kiosks.

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