Upcycle PoMo Artist is Selling Wilton Manors Midcentury Pad Stuffed With Art, for $1.2 Million




Check out this joint! The two bedroom, two bath, open-plan midcentury house stuffed with upcycled art inspired by postmodernism, the Memphis design movement, and everything colorful and wonderful, is on the market in Wilton Manors for $1.2 million—with all of the art included. And we’re talking a lot of art.

The home of an “internationally known upcycle artist and landscape aficionado,” according to the broker, 1,386 square foot house has a sweeping living room, a two-story studio, a freeform pool fed by a jet of water shooting out of the house wall, a river water feature with a little bridge leading to the front door, a plant nursery, and a jungle-like yard. And the whole place is covered in brightly colored, wonky, wild, and exuberant art.

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