Tiny South Miami Shack Hides A Sleek Bachelor Pad Within




This unassuming cottage, with its raw, unifinished wood siding and unkempt jungle of a yard in South Miami, looks practically abandoned. Yet, the property, located at 6401 SW 42nd Terrace, hit the market four days ago for a not-immoddest $515,000. A lot of that asking price can be blamed on the 9,000 square foot corner lot, as well as the extremely frothy housing market we’re living in right now. But, inside this little 728 square foot house, you’ll find a swinging, subtropical bachelor pad.

The two-bedroom, one-bath house has a large living room with lots of wood details, sliding glass doors, and an open-plan kitchen. It’s just groovy for a couple of college-age roommates looking for a place with enough room to throw the occasional…. let’s just call them lubricated gatherings… in the back yard. Or do what the current owner does, and give yourself one bedroom while saving the other for your gaming set up and your shoes. According to the listing, it even comes with “2 guard cats” on the premises.

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