A 60-Foot-Tall Pink Flamingo Floaty Just Cruised Down The Miami River




A 60-foot-tall pink flamingo floaty made its way down the Miami River today, through Government Cut and past the port, heading straight across Biscayne Bay for Miami Beach. It rode a barge, and despite being, you know, a floaty. Apparently, it’s some kind of promo campaign that Pepsi is doing, and according to the tea on Facebook, it’s heading for the Fontainebleau Hotel. Will it be some kind of super sweet soda-palooza on the hotel’s glam pool deck or Miami’s version of Godzilla attacking a building as iconically Miamian as the Empire State Building is to Gotham? The Big Bubble has no idea. But it looks like quite the ride. Check out more pics from onlookers on Facebook and Instagram this way. >>

Photos via Facebook/Kevin Krueger. Thanks, Kevin!

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