The Rehabbed Española Way is Taking its Top Off, Metaphorically, on June 6th.




A big, showy, open-to-the-public party is being thrown for the big reveal of the new Española Way streetscape, in exactly two weeks from now.

Yes, exactly. As of this writing it is 5:30 PM and the reveal/ribbon cutting/party/whatever is happening two Tuesdays from now at 5:30 PM. This is something that’s been long in the making (check out the Big Bubble’s coveragethe Big Bubble’s coverage on it over the last year) but it’s almost, finally, done. For more details, see the Facebook event page, but if you want a free drink you’ve got to répondez s’il vous plaît on Eventbrite.

Above photo of Espanola Way before the redo. By Sean McCaughan.

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