The Owner of the Office in the Grove, Designed by Ken Treister, is Mast Capital




Rumor is they want to demolish or sell it.

As you know from previous Big Bubble coverage, the modernist Office in the Grove by architect Kenneth Treister is supposedly facing demolition in the hands of its current owner, the previously unnamed developer Mast Capital. The striking lobby has already been destroyed. The company’s name is hidden behind an LLC, and the owner of that LLC is listed as another company which according to its website commonly acts as “agent.” Basically it’s a frontman. All these somersaults give the appearance that Mast, a prominent South Florida developer is trying to hide its tracks, and yet apparently they’re not hiding it all that much because the building is publicly listed on Mast’s own website. So, there’s that.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 6.09.23 PM.png

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  1. Wait, are you saying that Mast Capital isn’t a real company? I mean, their website has an About Us and even lists the various execs that operate the company. Mast Capital owns the Chateau Petit Douy, which you yourself did an article for Curbed Miami about Mast’s renovation of the historic building.


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