THE NEWS: Kevin Tomlinson Convicted; Inside Park Grove




Miami’s real estate news:

What do you think about the cards Kevin was dealt? Is it fair? Did he do it?

It’s being proposed by some of the biggest wigs in local real estate development. If anybody can get it right, they can.

Have you taken Limebike or Bird scooters yet? They’re fantastic. The Big Bubble hears they’ll be back after a little politicking. Fingers crossed and talley-ho.

A bunch of NIMBYs or a bad idea?

Well, that’s nice.

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  1. Yes, Sean, he did it. He did not understand that extortion is the threat itself, regardless of $ being exchanged. However, the larger story is that which he exposed. The Jills have manipulated MLS data unfairly to their advantage, damaging other brokers to the tune of millions of dollars. WHEN WILL THE JILLS GET THEIR DUE?.

  2. Some might find the scattered scooters pretty cool, but they were blatantly illegal, and the people who use them leave them just about anywhere.
    Then there’s the whole issue of how easily they can be stolen, and the resources local police must then expend to try to chase after them, when plenty of bikes owned by citizens also get stolen and need those resources desperately.


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