The Miami Bay Walk Just Got An Important New Addition




Well, it’s literally taking decades but Miami’s bay walk is gradually becoming a reality. A brand new 300 foot section of the bay walk, passing behind the Miami Women’s Club and connecting two other existing sections of walkway, opened this week, providing an important link in the chain.

The section of walkway was built as part of the renovation of the historic women’s club, which when completed will contain a restaurant and rooftop bar, adding life and vitality to this section of the bayfront. The new section of walkway has a few benches, garbage cans, and solar-powered light poles. It’s nothing fancy, but the water views are spectacular and when a light breeze is blowing off the bay it’s very nice.

Now, pedestrians can walk from the Venetian Causeway, past the Sea Isle Marina, the Venetia, the Marriott, and the Grand, traverse the new walkway, meander through Margaret Pace Park, and then walk along the bay a few blocks further, finally ending at 21st Street, having gone six blocks in total.

For more on the slowly growing bay walk, check out “Will Downtown Miami’s Bay Walk Ever Be Completed?”


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  1. love it (as an edgewater resident).
    only – but major – problem: the posh restaurant briza on the bay closes off and blocks passage of the PUBLIC sidewalk/baywalk at the marina randomly for their events…
    this needs to change.


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