The Design District’s Wild & Wonderful Museum Parking Garage is Almost Done




The architecturally flamboyant Museum Parking Garage in the Miami Design District is almost done, and boy is it something else. Check out these pictures of the almost completed structure by Miami’s truly great architectural photographer Robin Hill.

People make fun of Miami for having such exuberant parking garages, but everything here is exuberant, and that’s exactly how it should be. This exuberance in architecture and many other aspects of life uplifts the spirit, and daily life becomes a mind-opening, and exciting experience. Exhuberant architecture impacts, invigorates, and excites whatever is happening within its walls… or in front of its walls. Or next to it. Or on top of it. Or around it.

Why is it called the Museum Parking Garage? Well, it’s next to the ICA Miami and the De la Cruz Collection, in case you didn’t know. From left to right, the various facades of the Museum Garage are by WORKac, Juergen Mayer, Nicolas Buffe, Manuel Clavel Rojo, and Keenan/Riley.

Photos are by Robin Hill (c) for Miami Design District

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  1. Awesome images by robin Hill. ICA Miami built by KVC Constructors, Inc. ; Museum Garage built by KVC Constructors, Inc.; City View garage built by KVC Constructors, Inc.; Wynwood garage under construction by KVC Constructors, Inc. We build the most exciting Artful Garages all over Miami!


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