Alton Road

Jackie Gleason’s Miami Beach Party House is Perpetually on the Market

Back in my early Curbed Miami editor days I noticed that Jackie Gleason's old Miami Beach party house, which, if I remember correctly, was built for him by Carl Fisher, was on the market. A year later it was still on the market. Two years later, in 2015, it was for rent. Now, in 2017, it's on the market, again, and has been for almost a year.

South Beach’s Sexiest Self-Storage Only Stores Wine, Whatever The Sign Says.

When SoBe Wine & Self Storage was seeking approval to build its new facility on Alton Road in South Beach, a classy MiMo building with all the panache of a 1950s beach hotel that is downright gorgeous for a self storage facility, it went by another name: Urban Box Self Storage. Since its recent completion, however, the sign on the facade says something very different: Wine & Self Storage, a name just vague and cheeky enough to make people take a second look.