Swinging 1970s Compound in South Miami Comes With Multiple Pavilions, Freeform Pool, And Super-Rad Floating Fireplace




This 4,400 square-foot compound in South Miami comes replete with an all-stainless-steel kitchen, groovy pendant ball lighting, a spiral staircase, exposed beams under a vaulted ceiling, and of course, a floating fireplace hanging from its own big iron chimney.

Built in 1971, sold in 2020, renovated in 2021 perhaps as someone’s pandemic project, the house finally flipped back onto the market in 2022 asking $3,529,000. The listing description limits itself to a laundry list of what everything in the renovation cost, which is completely gauche, but perusing the pics one can see the property has retained much of its 1970s je ne sais quoi. Whoever built this joint knew how to have fun. Hopefully, whoever gets it now will too.

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