Starchitect-Designed Courtyard Townhouse Just Off Lincoln Road Asks $3M




Off a narrow pedestrian alley off busy Lincoln Road, hidden behind 1111, the high-design parking garage famous for showing how beautiful parking garages could be, nestles a little hidden colony of courtyard townhouses sitting atop a few shops, cafes, and a fancy Japanese Peruvian restaurant. One of houses, designed by starchitect firm Herzog & de Meuron, who also did the rest of the 1111 complex, is on the market for $2.999 million.

If you haven’t heard of 1111 Lincoln Road, you might be surprised by the idiosyncratic idea of a remarkably beautiful parking garage that people flock to experience, in the heart of South Beach. However, most people who have seen it probably don’t even know that the two white rectangular buildings behind it contain rather luxurious living spaces, accessed by private stairs and elevators from the same alley as the Chotto Matte Mia restaurant. But there they are.

This unit is 2,236 square feet, and encircles a rather pleasant central courtyard, with landscaping designed by Raymond Jungles. It has at least one smaller courtyard as well, off the master bedroom. There are two addition bedrooms, and three and a half baths.

The townhouse–that word more appropriately describes it than would ‘apartment’ or ‘condo,’ although those also technically work too–is decorated in smooth, minimalist white, with wood accents, including wood and glass sliding doors and wooden louvers that shade the wide doors from the sun. It has a large living room just off the courtyard, along with a connecting kitchen, and wood floors throughout, under tall, ten-foot ceilings. Everything looks inward, to the courtyards. But that’s kind of the point.

Although very unusual for Miami for multiple obvious reasons, the townhouse’s design wouldn’t be as nearly as surprising in some other part of the world, where houses are designed to look inward instead of outside to, well, in this case a parking garage or a busy street. In many ways, this house is meant to be a tranquil escape from a noisy and boisterous world.

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