South Beach’s Sexiest Self-Storage Only Stores Wine, Whatever The Sign Says.




When SoBe Wine & Self Storage was seeking approval to build its new facility on Alton Road in South Beach, a classy MiMo building with all the panache of a 1950s beach hotel that is downright gorgeous for a self storage facility, it went by another name: Urban Box Self Storage. Since its recent completion, however, the sign on the facade says something very different: Wine & Self Storage, a name just vague and cheeky enough to make people take a second look.

No, sadly they don’t sell wine, according to the lovely lady at the front office. But they do store it apparently, in little lockers with temperature and humidity controls and whatever other wingdings wine snobs like. Let’s hope overzealous NIMBYs don’t make too much of a thing about the name.


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