South Beach's Biggest Sex Shop is Now a Mattress Store




Oh, the cruel humanity. Overrun by tourists, and abandoned by many of the artsy, edgy types that once made it cool, some say South Beach is dead.  

The beach has certainly changed, and in response to shifting demand its largest adult entertainment store, the Pleasure Emporium at 1019 5th Street, closed some years ago. Now, the toys, boys, and ‘Debbie-does-Insert-City-Here’ videos have been replaced by mattresses. Lots of mattresses. It’s ironic, and kind of depressing. But don’t worry, there are at least two other, albeit smaller, sex shops in South Beach still in business: the one on Alton Road between Lincoln Road and 17th, and the one on Washington around 14th. And you can buy poppers at just about any smoke shop.

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  1. Well, at least its beds, not sexy looking… but beds! Lots and lots AND LOTS of them! Getting me all hot and bothered! NOT! ” COOL/SEXY MOVED TO MIAMI BABY” Let me help you show them the way Sean…..;-)


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