Hole-In-The-Wall La Sandwicherie is a South Beach Institution




So many South Beach joints can seem, well, insanely touristy. From the sidewalk cafes with their gigantic cocktails on Ocean Drive, to the overpriced, underwhelming restaurants of Lincoln Road, it’s easy to write off the whole neighborhood as one giant gastronomic Times Square. There are some real winners that have been around forever, however, and they still haven’t sold out like many South Beach hot spots. 

Case in point is La Sandwhicherie, a Miami institution that’s been serving fresh, French sandwiches since the swinging ‘80s and ‘90s heydays of the neighborhood, when glamazons would stumble out of red hot nightclubs and order the Tropical, Frenchie, or SoBe Club, on a baguette, with little sweet pickles known as cornichons, slathered in La Sandwicherie’s signature dressing, at 4 A.M. Well, you can do the exact same thing today. Sure you’ll be sitting next to a tourist or two, but meeting people from all around the world is one of the things that makes South Beach great. 

Located in an alley, just off 14th Street, and a few blocks from the ocean, La Sandwicherie is right across the street from another South Beach institution, Mac’s Club Deuce, a dive bar that was a location for a Miami Vice filming in the ‘80s. Pro tip: while you’re throwing back a Manhattan, check out the neon lights along the walls. Legend has it they were installed by the Miami Vice set designers.

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