Really Fun Little Bay Point Party House Wants a Lot of Money, but Is It Too Much?




Maybe not if you get the furnishings too.

This fun little house in Bay Point is on a primo, albeit not all that big, canal-front lot. At almost 4,000 square feet, okay, it’s not really little (most people live in smaller homes, think about it) but the feeling is adorably small, and yet fun, fun, fun. As with so much in real estate, the $6.4 million price is clearly reflective of the neighborhood and the canal frontage. It’s one of South Florida’s better ‘hoods, but maybe not one of those you immediately think of when you think of astronomical price tags although it definitely has its doozies.

Irreguardless (a word which isn’t actually a word anywhere outside of Miami. Think about that) the house is adooooooorable, especially with its furnishings. And yes, it’s for rent too, at an impressive $19,000/month. The house has been on the market for 110 days, at least according to Zillow (and we know how hit-or-miss their accuracy can be), and with this weird market, well, what do you think of the price point? Yay or nay?

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