Rare Midcentury Mod Key West Compound Listed for $4M Goes Into Contract In 16 Days




And now it’s showing as ‘contingent.’ Oh the drama!

You still have a chance to nab this $3.995 million Key West mid-mod house, with five bedrooms, four baths, and generous shadded outdoor living spaces. The house went under contract in an impressive 16 days, which shows just how strong the market is, because, well, people in dense northern cities are flocking to places like Florida where all the fresh air is seen as a great escape from Covid.

One interesting thing about the real estate game is when all your dirty laundry becomes public record. Sure, we don’t know who the buyer-to-be is, but they must be fretting a bit, whoever they are. That’s because, although it was in contract, the real estate gods now show it as ‘contingent,’ meaning you could swoop in, offer a better offer, and all of a sudden, boom, it’s yours.

Located at 1100 Flagler Avenue, the house has a lot of delicious mid-mod touches, like terrazzo floors, and a swoopy entrance canopy. It’s also been thoroughly updated, with new bathrooms, and a new kitchen, and has a landscape design by Raymond Jungles, with three custom water features by Debra Yates. Both significant South Florida designers, those two were married and then divorced many moons ago, so their association on one project is a nice pairing.

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