Plush Palace in Ponce-Davis is Covered in Vines and Possibly Vertical Astroturf Too




This great big Spanish Mediterranean palazzo in Miami’s Ponce-Davis neighborhood was built in 2007, which isn’t all that old for a house really, and much more recently renovated to highly polished, pristine perfection before being put on the market about a week ago. Highlights include a stately library in a deep, rich shade of blue. The exact blue could be indigo, or maybe a darker shade of cerulean perhaps, but whatever it is looks absolutely fabu, and totally appropriate for a $15,995,000 price tag.

Outside, a thick, deep layer of ivy vines absolutely covers the exterior of the house, and are very neatly trimmed to perfectly outline every window, the underside of every eve, and, and the top edge of each rain spout. The extreme neatness of those vines, as well as the consistent way they cover every inch of the walls, makes you wonder if all those vines are actually completely real living things. Or, could some of that thick thick carpeting of green be fake? Could at least some of those vines be, horror of horrors, basically just vertical astroturf? We would love to know.

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