Penthouse That’s Basically a Freestanding Mansion On a Roof For Sale For $5 Million in Miami’s Edgewater




You know that crazy penthouse in India that looks more like a mansion plopped on the roof of a building than an actual penthouse? Well, here’s a Miami version. It doesn’t stand out as obviously as the one in Bengaluru, India, but it does have a huge, 4,500 square foot “grass” terrace completely surrounding it on all four sides, and at over 6,000 square feet, the proportions of a private house. It’s got sweeping living and dining areas, which seem rather perfect for big parties, and a massive master suite, and although it’s listed as a four-bedroom spread, one of those would be the windowless home theater. So, does that legally really count? The place has hopped on and off the market since March, for $4,975000 each time, the last time being just over a month ago, so let’s see how it does this time around.

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