Original Bas-Reliefs Lining Lobby of Architect Ken Treister’s ‘Office in the Grove’ Destroyed by Developer




The developer who recently purchased the Office in the Grove building, designed and constructed in 1970 by important local architect Kenneth Treister, appears to be very serious about his or her intentions to demolish it, and has already destroyed the original lobby.

Strong and obvious steps have been taken to destroy as much of the tower’s architectural significance as possible before preservationists and city preservation department staff attempt or have any power to get in his or her way. This developer, whose name is hidden behind an anonymous LLC, has destroyed the lobby’s architectural bas reliefs, which evoked the beauty and the eclectic spirit of old Coconut Grove, and replaced them with absolutely blah white walls. Original light fixtures have disappeared as well.

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Office In The Grove
Photo by Dan Forer.
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