Nobody Wants to Spend $30 Million on This Avant Garde Miami Beach Mansion




4567 Pine Tree Drive has been a media darling since the construction of this modernist spec house was announced back in 2015 at the height of the last real estate boom. Designed by Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan, is one of those interestingly ultra-luxury properties that the Wall Street Journal’s Mansion section loves to write about. And I wrote about it too, for Ocean Drive. It’s an architecturally striking, super luxurious, and unique spread that comes with a swimmable lagoon with organic filtration system, a long and curving ramp that ascends to the main living areas on the second floor, and an indoor basketball court.

It’s the kind of house people love to look at, but apparently in this market isn’t so easy to sell. It’s a really unique house that sadly might just be looking for a really unique buyer. Originally listed for $29.75 million back in May of 2017, it was just price chopped by 4 mill to $25.75 in June, with a new set of listing agents, The Jills.

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