Multifamily House Off Lincoln Road Has Owner’s Suite Upstairs & Lush Urban Garden Out Back




A large mediterranean revival house converted into stylish apartments, a half a block from Lincoln Road, in the heart of South Beach but still in a mainly residential area, is on the market for $3,050,000.

One 2,000 square foot, loft-style owner’s apartment with vaulted ceilings, a library, a very au courant kitchen, and a fabulous bathroom fills the second floor, while three smaller apartments meant to be rented out are downstairs. There are also laundry and storage areas. Out back is a lush urban garden with a pergola, pond, fruit trees, and statuary. The house was originally built in 1936 by seminal South Florida architect L. Murray Dixon, and even though it’s still pretty nice, you do wonder what it looked like back then.

The property has been on the market for almost exactly a year, having faced two price reductions since being listed last December. The market’s soft, and it’s definitely a niche product for a niche buyer. Not everyone wants to be a landlord, or live this close to Lincoln Road, however fun it may be to impulsively go shoe shopping while walking your dog. It originally asked for $3.7 million.

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