Morningside’s ‘Jetsons House’ Taken Off the Market After Asking $1.8M




It looks like Morningside’s iconic, midcentury modern, Rufus Nims-designed Jetsons House, after being listed for $1.875 million about a year ago, was taken off the market at some point, unsold. Although in a great neighborhood, and oozing with futuristic, modern flair, the house needs work, is rather small, and is on a rather humdrum lot. In this soft market, perhaps almost 2 mil was a tad much?

The house has gone through a lot of flips, flops, and false starts in recent years, but luckily survived largely intact. The current owners had planned to meticulously restore the house, with its floating, Jetsons-like living floor, and extend it with a new wing to the rear. That never happened, and they put it on the market, trying to sell it for a profit. Unfortunately, that hasn’t quite happened either. Of course, the potential sale meant the house was somewhat at risk, so the fact that they’re holding onto the place is possibly a good sign. Maybe they’ve decided to restore it after all?

If you know what’s going on with the Jetson’s House, please let the Big Bubble know. Leave a comment below! All photos via broker Geane Brito/Chariff Realty Group.

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