Mnuchin Gallery Claims to be "Not Affiliated in Any Way" With Trump Treasury Secretary Pick, and Senior Gallery Partner's Son, Steven Mnuchin




So far maybe not so good for those looking for a little grace-and-favor nepotism for the international art world in the Donald J. Trump administration. The unpronounceably-named Mnuchin Gallery, which is exhibiting at this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach, is publicly disavowing any connection to Steven Mnuchin, the Donald’s pick for Treasury Secretary and son of the gallery’s head honcho.

When questioned today by myself at booth C8 in the Miami Beach Convention Center, a  gallery staffer quickly recited the obviously-memorized line “our senior partner’s son is not affiliated in any way with the gallery.” I asked her to repeat this on video. She said no, asked me to leave, then threatened to go hide in a closet. So, feeling sorry for this person who has obviously had to bear the brunt of aggressive questioning for at least the past week when all she wants to do is sell some art, I left.

Meanwhile, as far as the familial affiliation is concerned, let’s just say blood is thicker than paint. Well, technically this viscosity depends on the type of paint in question, but my point remains: it’s all in the family.

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