Miami is The Best and The Worst: A List of Lists




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Miami is a city of superlatives. It’s either the best of something or the worst of something else, which makes the city a pretty extraordinary place. Of course, many of these rankings are highly subjective, and it depends on who’s doing the ranking, but they are all worth considering. Let’s start with a few bad ones to get them out of the way:

Miami has the worst drivers

Miami has the second most stressed out drivers

Miami has the rudest people in the country

Miami is the second snobbiest city in the country

Miami has the most income inequality of any major U.S. city

One source even thinks Miami is the worst place to live in America

If Miami really is the worst, why is it the best in so many other areas?

South Beach is the 4th best beach in the country, Fort Lauderdale Beach is the 6th best…

Miami is the happiest city in the country to work

Miami is the third most stylish city in the country

Miami ranks number four for cocktail bars

Miami ranks number one for nightclubs

Miami ranks number one for its singles scene

Miami ranks number three for a beach getaway

Miami ranks number two for a spa vacation

Miami ranks number three for a wild weekend

We have the most attractive people

We are number five for the hippest/coolest people (just behind Nashville, for some reason)

Miami has the best people

Miami is the cleanest city in the country (they’re not talking about our politics!)

Miami is the best city for foodies

We have the second most visited mall in the US

Most plastic surgeons per capita

Miami is one of the world’s best cities for coffee lovers

Miami is the 4th healthiest city in America

Miami is the 5th greenest city in the country

Miami is the most international city in the United States

And finally, a few random superlatives just for fun:

Most cut flowers: MIA receives 88 percent of the cut flowers coming to the United States

Miami is the top destination for migrating New Yorkers

Miami is the number 8 best city for real estate agents

Florida is the state with the third most real estate agents per capita

Miami has the best eye hospital in the country

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