Miami Beach Med Revival Villa With Great Outdoor Spaces is $4 Million




This historic Miami Beach house, designed by architects Phineas Paist and Harold Steward in 1934, has been thoroughly updated while retaining many of the historic details that made it special–such as the wood panelling in the foyer and the plasterwork on the dining room ceiling–and likely losing other bits.

That luscious master bath may have replaced one with beautiful historic details, for example. And that gallery space with louvered shutters and terrazzo floors looks ever so attractively midcentury. The greatest feature of the house however, besides a tasteful and rather seamless transitioning of styles and eras, is the yard. The house features a collection of outdoor spaces designed by landscape architect Fernando Wong which include a front yard lined with hedges, lushly landscaped patio area, lawns, and even a sculpture garden. Listed for $3.9 million, 6001 La Gorce Drive has been on the market for over 200 days.

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